City Services

The services available cater to the varied needs of the community, from the educational needs of its residents through the provision of nurseries and language schools, to the availability of shopping malls containing shops of the highest standard that display international brand names.


 Al Rehab city provides its residents with the basic needs as well as the comprehensive services that they may require for their entertainment. These are namely; cinema theaters, restaurants, a sports & social club, and cafeterias. The basic services are mainly clinics & medical center with ambulance service, regular busses to and from the city, internal security, a fully operational ministry of interior police and fire stations, and irrigation & sewage systems. A 24-hour maintenance service for the city’s basic services is available.

The first phase Mosque
The first phase Mosque

The sidewalks and passageways in Al Rehab have benches, and they cut through a multitude of green areas having a great number of diverse plants. They connect the city together to provide its residents with a tranquil atmosphere while moving from one area to another.

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