Maintenance Services

To preserve Al Rehab City on the long run, a life-time cleaning and personal maintenance services are done for the whole city. A plan has been set to preserve cleanliness and order inside the city and this plan involves:

1) Collecting garbage: Garbage is collected and removed daily from in front of the flats and villas at a fixed hour.
2) Sweeping and cleaning the streets: Specially equipped trucks sweep the streets of Al Rehab City on a regular basis.
3) Sweeping the buildings’ interiors: Once a week the buildings’ staircases are mopped clean.
4) Insect-repelling spraying system: All residential areas are sprayed on a daily basis. Two spraying devices carried on trucks spray the main roads, three devices are used manually by assigned staff for interiors and green areas, and two devices are used for the villa areas right after sunset.
5) Fighting rodents: Every six months rat poison is placed in strategic areas that are out of the reach of residents.
6) Getting rid of stray dogs: In coordination with the New Cairo Police Station, specialized people are assigned the task of ridding Al Rehab City of stray dogs on a monthly basis.

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