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Residential Areas

Residential Areas
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Welcome To Al Rehab City

Al Rehab City is a part of New Cairo which has been built with the hopes of alleviating the strain on Greater Cairo. It is the first city built by the private sector in Egypt away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Set on an area of 10 million m² in New Cairo, this development accommodates 200,000 inhabitants spread on ten phases.
In the premises of Al Rehab City, low-rise apartments and villas are neatly distributed and surrounded by breathtaking greenery and pedestrian friendly walkways that extend to passageways to all the different stages of the city, providing a safe healthy and unpolluted environment.
The services available cater to the varied needs of the community, from the educational needs of its residents through the provision of nurseries and language schools, to the availability of shopping malls containing shops of the highest standard, among other facilities that cater to all residents daily necessities.


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  • Residential Buildings
    Residential Buildings
  • Residential Villas
    Residential Villas
  • Al Rehab Gates
    Al Rehab Gates
  • Malls
  • Al Rehab Old Souq
    Al Rehab Old Souq
  • Open Food Court
    Open Food Court
  • Medical Centers
    Medical Centers
  • Business District
    Business District
  • Banks District
    Banks District
  • Educational Institutions
    Educational Institutions
  • Al Rehab Sports Club
    Al Rehab Sports Club
  • Al Rehab City Hall
    Al Rehab City Hall
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